7 Simples Steps to Start to create a Video Marketing

7 Simples Steps to Start to create a Video Marketing

7 Simples Steps to Start to create a Video Marketing

The Video Marketing has become an important part of marketing. Your audience grows up if you insert in your sequence follow up emails.  You don’t need to do like an expert but you may follow those simples tips to improve your home made videos.

Remember the success is relative. For you, success might be something completely different from someone else. If you start judging your own level of success by somebody else’s standards, you’re setting yourself up for failure. Have your own success goals. Set your own heights, and then begin to climb.

  • Remember you only have about 15 seconds to get someone’s attention

If you don’t have much of a personality on camera, you might as well not record. You need to let the real you shine through. If you’re not very energetic, maybe you should consider sticking to the written form of communication. Just because you can record video doesn’t mean you should. If a viewer clicks on your video and it doesn’t catch their attention in the first 15 second, they just click out.

  • Have good lighting.

This is especially true if you are doing a product review or demonstration. People need to see what it is you are showing them. You probably won’t need stage lighting, but using sufficient light to show the details within your scene is crucial to producing a good video.

  • High resolution will bring higher quality.

If you can record your videos in high definition, do it. High definition resolution is 1280×720 pixels is what YouTube will host for you. It is quite affordable. You can record in this size without spending much more than a few hundred dollars. The results will speak for themselves.

  • Purchase good cameras.

You may be surprised at the number of videos on sites or YouTube that isn’t even watchable. Buying good cameras should go without saying, but some people don’t realize how important it is.         You’ll probably experiment with a variety of devices, and always be looking at newer, better solutions for your efforts. Remember when you make your camera choice: People will complain about a bad video, but people never complain about a video looking too good.

  • Purchase a good microphone.

You don’t need to go all-out when it comes to basic audio equipment. You won’t need much more than a USB port to find a microphone that is worth using.  You want one that sounds clear without being “fuzzy,” and one that doesn’t make noises every time you move. You may come across times when getting good audio is impossible, but that should be the exception, not the rule.

  • Create a good scene.

Don’t just randomly hit the record button. Think before you begin. Know what you’re going to say, and take note of your surroundings. It’s hard to take someone seriously if behind them is a sink full of dirty dishes or junk scattered all over their dresser or desk.  It’s distracting to viewers. You may be making amateur content for the Web but it doesn’t mean you have to look unprofessional.

  • Always practice.

Watching other people isn’t going to make you better. Practice your video content, and try recording some samples and upload them as private videos.  You can send the links to your friends and family, and ask them for feedback. It will probably take several takes to get it right. Watch every one of your takes, and select the one you like most.

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