How to create lead-generating information products

How to Create Lead-generating Information Products

How to create lead-generating information products

Lead generating information product must start with something simple. Following simple steps. Be sure to choose an attention-grabbing title. And let people know you as a person. Let them see who you really are.

When you write your information product, be sure to remember the first rule of relationship management: Customers don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.

If you’re starting from scratch, here’s how to take advantage of the enormous opportunity that information products provide for generating leads and establishing yourself as an expert in your field:

  • Offer readers an insight into how you dealt with a problem or crisis in your own work or personal
  • Connect with readers by showing them how you solved a problem that they may be facing now. The fastest way to establish your credentials and build rapport is to connect with readers on the basis of your shared
  • Give testimonials of your own experiences with products and services to engage the reader’s interest and build a relationship
  • Write about real solutions for real

Permission marketing starts by inviting customers to opt-in to a database in order to receive e- mail and special promotions. Permission marketing is a proven vehicle for building and maintaining customer relationships.

Here are some of the most popular formats for creating a great lead-generating information product:

  • Write a short eBook to offer free
  • Give your reader a short how-to post, article or e-book
  • Write an article that connects with one of your current business
  • Turn your free tips or how-to book into an e-Course or Website
  • Produce your own podcast or video

Always put into practice the four R’s of Internet publishing—review, rethink, rewrite, and recycle:

  1. Review: Take a fresh look at anything you’ve written before. The key word is anything. Looking at an old product from a new perspective can get your creative juices flowing faster than you think. You may even discover a solution for a business problem today by taking a fresh look at something you’ve done in the ……
  2. Rethink: Think about how you can approach the topic from a new angle. Getting a fresh perspective on an old topic is one of the easiest and fastest ways to create new information products. An article or eBook that provides a new angle on an old topic is a very effective tool for driving traffic and generating …….
  3. Rewrite: Rework your old articles. Write from the perspective of where your target market wants to go today. Always ask yourself how you can give your customers a useful insight or a fresh view of a
  4. Recycle: Leverage your new product into as many different formats as you can to achieve the full potential of information products. Some minor tweaking here and there can turn old articles into new eCourses and podcasts.

To be a success with “Lead generating information product” you can learn the simple steps and duplicate the case with other niches and topics.

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