Traffic Generation Methods (part 2)

Traffic Generation Methods

Traffic Generation Methods is a very important, here more tips for you:

4- Paid Traffic:

One of the fastest ways to generate traffic is to pay for traffic. That’s right. If you set yourself a healthy marketing budget, you stand to grow your business exponentially.

There are a few paid options for fast traffic. One of the more prominent ones being Google Adwords ( but if you don’t have the experience I recommend that you start with Facebook Ads which is similar to Google AdWords where you can start your own advertising campaign and set your own budget.

Paid traffic can be a fast way to get leads fast at an affordable price and should be considered once you have a solid business sales funnel set up.

5- Sponsored Ads: 

You can leverage on other people’s website traffic by paying for ad space on their websites.

This can be a top position on their website’s banner section or perhaps a sponsored blog post, which links to your website.

It is up to you to discuss the pricing of the ad with your advertiser. As a rule of thumb, the cost will depend on how much traffic his website receives.

One way of estimating his website traffic and type of traffic is by using Quantcast

That way, you can determine his website is a suitable platform for you to advertise your business.

6- Social Media Traffic: 

With the emergence of Social Media websites which are growing at a phenomenal pace such as Twitter and Facebook, your business stands to benefit a lot from tapping into such sites.

For example, you could start a Facebook Fan Page for your website. When someone “Likes” your fan page, it appears on their news feed and ALL of his friends will see that he “liked” your page.

From there, perhaps more curious souls would hop into your page and “like” it as well. That way, the news about your business would grow exponentially.

Not only that, your Facebook fan page or Twitter Page can serve to provide tons of useful information to your target audience. This will get people interacting and more and more people will join the conversation.

You could also hold contents on your social media pages and reward people with gifts for participating. These activities build hype and generate interest among followers and often gets the news about your business out further.

Not to be overlooked also is social sharing websites such as and These sites allow people to “social bookmark” websites of interest and their friends can see what stuff they are interested in and get more eyeballs for your business.

Last but not least, Facebook also offers a highly targeted advertising platform for you to advertise your business to get more leads for yourself.

Those are the most common methods to generate traffic but remember you need to be constant and patience with the result.

Once you have found what works best for your business, replicate and multiply your efforts and in no time you’ve built yourself a solid business empire streaming with thousands of followers.


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